Audio-Visual Anthropology practice


In this course attendees are supposed to pursue and realize a film project about human life condition based on theories that are debated in more recent Audio-Visual Anthropolgy discourse.

In this way, rather than following up the conventional methods of documentary filmmaking, we attempt to explore the Alternative Narrative forms that have been applied in cinema and especially in anthropological Non-Fiction (Documentary) genre.

The use of creative narrative forms, aesthetics, haptic and sensorial experiences in cinema are some elements to name, that are opening up our path to the dialogues between fiction and documentary, reality and imaginary worlds.

The aim of this course is to explore these experimentations, by screening , analysing and discussing the selected films as well as the various related theories (e.g. transcultural cinema, Corporeal and sensorial images) in order to be inspired in the path for making the film projects.

The participants are persuaded, before the start up of the seminars, to think and come up with a project idea that they want to realize during seminar. This can be an individual project or a group one, about a personal life or a social phenomenon.

Organised by: Arjang Omrani

Wednesdays 19.00 – 21.30 / 15 meetings

First meeting: Wednesday 25/01/2017

Complete your payment in advance: €120 (20% discount) / Drop in: €10

Minimum no of participants: 5 / Maximum: 15