In this page you will find information on the guests who organize activities (ARTnet, events) at TWIXTlab. Click here for the TWIXTlab team.

Konstantinos Aivaliotis has finished his Ph.D. in Social Anthropology at Panteion University and his dissertation is entitled “Culture, Documentary and Film Festival: an ethnographic approach“. He is a graduate of the Department of Social Anthropology at Panteion University and holds two postgraduate degrees, on the Anthropology of Education (France, university Rouen) and on Visual Anthropology (England, Goldsmiths College). Today he works as a programmer in the Athens International Film Festival and he is founder of the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival.

Katerina Apostolopoulou was born on 12th of August in 1982, in Athens. She graduated from the department “Marketing & Communication”, in the Athens University of Economics and completed her master on “Cultural Management”, in the Panteion University. She has worked at the Communication Department of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival , member of the artistic company Ohi Pezoume and she has co-operated with several groups and organizations. She participated in the “A” film project, the 1st movie funded by the crowd in Greece. She is a member of the Caravan Project since 2014.Member of Caravan Project:

Tzeni Argyriou is a choreographer and trans media artist. Born in Kavala, Greece, she graduated from the State School of Dance, Athens. With a scholarship from Onassis Foundation continued her studies in New York where she collaborated with choreographers such as ChameckiLerner, Maria Hassabi, Yin Mei, Jeremy Wade. Since 2003 she is a founding member of, a collaborative platform of interdisciplinary artists. Her work balances between performing arts and media art, as the relationship between art, technology, human and society are the issues that concern her. Usually she follows a modular development process with workshops, interviews and other open to the public activities. The past ten years she has been creating and curating numerous events, performances, installations and other multimedia, community based, audience participatory and site-specific projects. Her work has been a result of creative collaborations with artists from different backgrounds such as Vasilis Gerodimos, Miguel Angeles Melgares, Euripides Laskarides, Lila Sotiriou, Miguel Pereira.  Her work has been presented in Greece, Germany, France, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Portugal and New York.

Eirini Avgoustaki, is an improviser and early childhood education specialist. Eirini has been a member of free improvisation group Monday’s Drop(s) since its inception. She is currently an MA student at the University of Thessaly. She also studies the mandolin and tries to create connections between her mandolin practice and the work of the Monday’s Drop(s).

Alexios Dallas (architect) was born 1964 in Ioannina, Epirus, Greece. Studied architecture at the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, 1982-89, and at the Berlage Institute Amsterdam, 1991-92 (along with Kenneth Frampton’s Other Moderns research project). First prize, 1993, at the Europan 3 international competition for a large urban square/ garage infrastructure ensemble for Cite Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland. Worked for Tefchos Art and Architecture Review, Athens, 1992-94. Own practice since1996, focused on urban study case maters, small scale projects both as total dwelling environments and experimental furniture prototypes, among them several built and published (Venice Biennale 2004, Greek Pavilion Paradigmata , SMCA Biennale 1, Thessaloniki 2007 and elsewhere). Since 2003 and up to 2011 has lectured and taught architecture studio at the School of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece. Co-curated the exhibition Weak Monuments (SMCA Biennale 2, Thessaloniki 2009). He is currently (2013-) conducting his PhD research, a critical inquiry for the architectural project as an essayist form. He lives and works in Athens.

Fotini Gouseti was educated at The Athens School of Fine Arts (GR) and completed her master’s degree at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem (NL) in 2013. She also attended studies of Social Anthropology in Panteion University of Athens.
 She lives and works in Rotterdam. Web:

Elena Hamalidi teaches History of Modern, Contemporary and Digital Art at the Audio-Visual Department of the Ionian University, as an Assistant Professor. She is a graduate of the Department of History, Archaeology and History of Art at the University of Athens (B.A., Ph.D.) and of the Kunsthistorisches Institut, University of Cologne (M.A.). Her thesis focused on the Reception of Modernism in Greek Art and Literary Magazines (1930-40). She has published on Greek modernist and contemporary art esp. focusing on the relation of art to politics. She has been co-editor of Contemporary Greek Artists (Melissa Publishing House, Athens, 2004, in English). In 2009 was published her monograph on the Greek contemporary artist Niki Kanagini.

Vicky Iakovou is Lecturer in Political Philosophy at the Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegean. Her main research interests involve contemporary political philosophy, the critical theory of the Frankfurt School, the influence of psychoanalysis on political and social theory, and the tradition of utopian thought. She has translated into Greek books and articles by, among others, M. Abensour, H. Arendt, Cl. Lefort, J. Rancière, P. Ricoeur and Sl. Zizek.

Konstantinos Kalantzis is a social anthropologist (PhD UCL 2010) specialising in visual and material culture. He has conducted field research in Crete, Thessaly and the Cyclades. His publications include essays in anthropological journals and edited volumes. Web:

Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos is Associate Professor of Music Education in the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Thessaly, Greece. He has published articles in major international publications and research journals. He is active as a mandolinist as well as an improviser working with both adults and children in a variety of contexts. His research interests include: ethnographic approaches to the study of musical improvisation in educational contexts, socio-cultural perspectives on music creativity, and the possible conjectures between education, philosophy, politics and creative music making.

Elpida Karaba is an art theorist and independent curator. Her research interests and publication record focus on archival and research based art, documentary, activist and performative art practices.

Pafsanias Karathanasis is an anthropologist and a phd candidate at the University of the Aegean. His research interests include the study of material and visual culture, through mainly the analysis of urban cultures, urban space and social movements in Athens and Nicosia. Access to published articles and other presented work at:

Lykourgos Karatzaferis was born at Nikoleika, Aegion. Without realizing how and why he ended up studying medicine in Alexandroupolis. In an attempt to escape, he entangled in psychiatry and at the moment he works as a psychiatrist at the Greek Organisation Against Drugs (ΟΚΑΝΑ). In a context of diplomas’ collection he completed a useless postgraduate education on the promotion of mental health. Now, he recovers within the Hearing Voices Movement and completes a useful education at Athenian Institute of Anthropos. The latter, along with some people he met at Leros’ Psychiatric Hospital and the 9th Psychiatric Department of Psychiatric Hospital in Athens, actually taught him how to learn.

Yannis Kotsonis is a musician, and programme co-ordinator of the (K)NOTmusic concert series, 2009-2013. He has composed electronic music for theatre, video dance, multimedia installations and film. He has released five solo albums (Manichope Sessions [Post Digital, 2005], Αnnick / Philomela [Low Impedance, 2009], Retroversion [Memoryformat, 2010], Honey [Organised Music From Thessaloniki, 2011], The Shape of Failures Past [Granny Records, 2013]) and has contributed to several compilations. With Danae Stefanou, they play in the electroacoustic duo Acte Vide, and run regular free improvisation workshops.

Athena D. Mirasyesis has taught philosophy for many years at the Universities of Crete, Patras, Ioannina, Athens and Cyprus and currently teaches European philosophy at the Hellenic Open University. She studied philosophy in Athens and in Paris (Sorbonne-EHESS), where she was awarded a French Government scholarship. Athena has published the following books: Crisis of values from the viewpoint of the solitary masses, Castration as a loss of death complex, published by the Institut du livre-A.Kardamitsa Press (in French); Ionesco’s Throat: the Death Wish for Beginners, Aesthetics after Nietzsche, Two Texts on Civilisation, Metaphysics of Art., published by Eurydicebooks (in Greek). She has participated in many international and pan-Hellenic conferences on philosophy.

MissInformation was born in the State of Emergency and is trying to escape ever since. Over these few years of existence she has been installed in public spaces, has missinformed through written texts, eaten her guts in collective cannibalistic ceremonies, and is waiting patiently for a brighter day (which results a bit difficult when one mainly gets out at night…)

Panayotis Panopoulos was born in Athens in 1967. He received his University Degree in Education from the University of Athens (1989). Both his Post-graduate Degree and his Ph.D. on Social Anthropology were received from the Department of Social Anthropology of the University of the Aegean, Mytilene, in 1991 and 1998 respectively. He has taught anthropology at the Democretian University of Thrace, the University of Crete and Panteion University, Athens. He is currently Permanent Assisstant Professor of Anthropology of Music and Dance at the Department of Social Anthropology and History, University of the Aegean. His research interests concern the anthropology of sound and performance. His ethnographic publications concern the symbolism of sound and hearing in modern Greece (e.g. “Animal Bells as Symbols: Sound and Hearing in a Greek Island Village”, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 9: 639-56, 2003); another part of his research concerns the study of local associations and the role of musical performaces in the construction of place (e.g. “Retour au village natal: Associations locales et renouveau culturel”. Ethnologie Francaise XXXV, 2: 243-53, 2005). He is currently working on a research project concerning the culture of the Deaf community in Greece. He has been a Research Visiting Scholar at Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley. He is a member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists and the Greek Society for Acoustic Ecology.

Dana Papachristou is a musician (piano/composition), musicologist (EKPA), and joint phd candidate (Paris VIII – Vincennes / Ionian University – dept. of Audio Visual Arts) on New Media Aesthetics. She has participated in several conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

Anna Papoutsi studied music in the Department of Music Studies A.U.TH. In 2012 she completed a Master’s in Music Culture and Communication at the University of Athens. The past six years she has been working as a music teacher in elementary school and, since 2014, she is a PhD candidate in the A.U.TH. Music Department.

Penelope Petsini was born in Bucharest, 1973. Studied Photography in Athens and UK (University of London, Goldsmiths College –MA in Image and Communication; University of Derby –Phd) sponsored by the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.). She is a Doctor of Philosophy in Arts and Humanities, specialized in photography. Her research interests, both in terms of theory and practice, focus on photography and its relation to personal and collective memory, history and politics. She has exhibited and published extensively both in Greece and internationally. She has had affiliated appointments as lecturer of photography theory since 2004 (Department of Photography & Audiovisual Arts, TEI of Athens; School of Architecture, University of Patras). She’s currently the course leader of the Photography course of Life-Long Education Program, Department of Visual and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia.

Born in Athens, Thalia Raftopoulou studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2006), and Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus University-Weimar in Germany (MFA, 2010). Currently she is a PhD candidate in the department of art theory and history at the Athens School of Fine Arts researching on sound and listening as artistic practice. She is currently a member of the project Φωνές/Fones, a group of visual artists and social scientists who explore the multiple ways in which sounds produced by living bodies are transformed into matter for thought and art making

Giorgos Samantas is an anthropologist specialised in sound. (Aegean University, MA Visual Anthopology, Univ. of Manchester). He has participated in several conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

Despina Sarafeidou is a graduate of the Athens State University (philosophy / psychology) and the E. Hatzikou Acting School. She has worked as an actor both in Greece and abroad (U.S.A., Europe); she has collaborated as an assistant director with R. Pateraki and L. Breuer and has also taught various acting classes. Most recent works include the Peloponnesian War (dir. by R. Pateraki) and Kassandra (Leading Female Award – Apollon Festival 2011, Actor of Europe Award 2012, Best Performance in a Transgender Role Award – Gay Theatre Awards 2014).

Panos Sklavenitis (1977 – Ithaca, Greece) has graduated the IEK DELTA – Ard & Design and the Athens School of Fine Arts. He studied in the Royal Academy of fine arts ARTESIS HOGESCHOOL ANTWERPEN through the Erasmus scholarship. He lives and works in Athens. Web:

Kostis Stafylakis is an art theorist and artist. He teaches as adjunct “Research-based art” at the UIE of ASFA and “Art and Visual Communication” at the University of Patras. 

Danae Stefanou is Assistant Professor in Historical Musicology at A.U.TH. She studied Music in Nottingham (MA) and London (PhD) and worked as a Research Associate and Visiting Lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London (2001-2007). She plays in the Athens-based electroacoustic duo Acte Vide, and enjoys collaborating as often as possible with composers, improvisers and intermedia artists from Greece and abroad. She is interested in combining micro-history, ethnography and critical epistemology, and favours any interdisciplinary approach that brings theory a little closer to practice, and music a little closer to everyday experiences.

Antonis Theodoridis (born 1984, Drama) is a photographer. He studied Digital Media and Photography in Thessaloniki and New York. He working in the field of visual storytelling and documentary. He likes large prints and inventive photobooks. In 2013 he was awarded as Young Photographer of the year by Athens Photo Festival and in 2014 he received a Fulbright Foundation Artist scholarship to study Photography in the United States. Occasionally he participates in group shows in Greece and abroad. Member of Caravan Project:

Pinelopi Thomaidi (artist/researcher, graphic designer) has studied art (Faculty of Fine Arts & Art Sciences – University of Ioannina, School of Fine Arts – Universidad Complutense, Madrid) and specialised in Artistic Production & Reseαrch (ΜA , School of Fine Arts – Universidad de Barcelona). She has been part of the collectives Enmedio & LaConga studying and producing on the intersections of artistic practices and social action in the era of cultural capitalism. She works as a graphic designer. Web:

Eleana Yalouri is an assistant professor at the Department of Social Anthropology at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens. She has a BA in Archaeology (University of Crete, Greece) an MPhil in Museum studies (University of Cambridge) and a PhD in Social Anthropology (University College London), while she undertook postdoctoral research at the University of Princeton, USAShe has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, London and a lecturer at the Dept of Anthropology of University College London. Her teaching, research interests and her publications in periodicals and edited volumes include the following issues:  Theories of Material Culture; cultural heritage and the politics of remembering and forgetting; theories of space and the social construction of landscape; Anthropology and Art; Anthropology and Archaeology. Her book The Acropolis. Global Fame, Local Claim (Berg 2001) discusses the modern life of the Athenian Acropolis, and the ways in which modern Greeks deal with the national and international features of their ancient classical heritage. Her edited volume Υλικός Πολιτισμός. Η Ανθρωπολογία στη Χώρα των Πραγμάτων [Material CultureAnthropology in Thingland] (Alexandria 2012) offers a systematic review of theories and ethnographies on key fields of Material Culture.


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