Workshops, screenings, talks and other activities.

Spring semester program 2015-2016

Saturday, 05/03/2016_19:00

Screenings: Sense

Video Art Festival Miden

Free admission


Video Art Festival Miden presents at TWIXTlab, Athens, two screening programs with video-works selected from the festival’s archive, curated by Gioula Papadopoulou & Margarita Stavraki. The programs were initially presented in the frame of Re- culture III: RISK, Patras, in 2014.

Total duration: 77 min

Sense of…

Curated by Margarita Stavraki

Duration: 39 min

A selection that outlines the poetic dimension of videoart and is based on senses. The main issue here is the detection of the limits of the senses, the aesthetic qualities and meanings that emerge when these senses are placed in specific contexts. The program focuses on experiments based on the image and hearing, experiments based on sound and touch, experiments based on touch and movement.

Sense off

Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou

Duration: 38 min

In contradiction –but also complementary- to “Sense of …” selection, “Sense off” is playing with about the same conceptual elements (especially with the exploratory and persistent vision), but focusing mainly on the intensity of the concepts derived from the meticulous observation of slow processes that almost displace the senses or put them aside. A series of video-works where presence becomes absence and where, behind a slow action and a minimal movement, constantly lurks something disturbing, something that points to disaster, nothingness, existential or social asphyxiation, deterioration and death.

info on the movies and artists

Saturday, 19/03/2016_19:00-21:00

Projection and conversation in English: Unless the water is safer than the land 

Film duration: 40′

Arjang Omrani

admission fee: €2

unless the water

The film is based on the experiences that its participants (the minor age, unaccompanied refugees) had gone through during their way to the host countries and after the arrival. The experimental narrative form of the film attempts to mediate these stories in a sensorial way built on the essence of human experience.

Monday, 21/03/2016_19:00

Book presentationStop talking about death, baby

Νikos Souzas

free admission/free contribution


 The book “Stop talking about death, baby” analyzes the political and cultural dimensions of the antagonist movement in Greece (1974 – 1998) and focuses on the collective action of the squats, the free radios and the independent music scene. It studies the so-called “prefigurative politics” and provides a variety of analytical tools about critical issues, such as the public / private division, the role of mass media and the commodification of art.

Saturday, 02/04/2016 – Saturday, 23/04/2016

Workshop: Sub Cultures

Νikos Souzas

admission fee:

10€ for the whole (7 meetings). To be paid on Saturday, April 2nd


6€ for: Aesthetic and Political Dimensions of Fanzines and Self-Publications: A Theoretical – Practical Workshop (23/04).

2€ for each presentation (02/04, 09/04, 16/04)

free admission/free contribution for screenings (03/04, 10/04, 17/04)

1st Cover 1986 - Full Size.jpg

What’s the difference between “civilization” and “culture”, “politics” and “political”, “subculture” and counterculture”? How are art / everyday life and private / public dichotomised? How do power relations and media affect self-expression? This project attempts to detect possible answers to such questions and focuses on relevant theoretical and ideological conflicts, and in everyday aspects of culture that often remain invisible in the public sphere (e.g. youth subcultures, alternative media, social movements, avant-garde). There will be presentations, workshops and documentary screenings.

Screenings, presentations and workshop program

Saturday, 14/05/2016 – Sunday, 15/05/2016

Workshop: The Construction of the Dance Floor

Thaleia Raftopoulou

Free admission

thalia raftopoulou dancefloor I .jpg

“I move around looking for the right spot, the best spot, the place where you can best see and hear and feel everything… then I see that what people are doing is just sitting right down anywhere right out in the middle of the wild exploding dance floor and digging it from there… but as I weave molecularly through the dancers into the center I see that as long as I keep moving with the music and the lights there is no collision-danger, only a soft touching and rolling, which is why we can sit here on the floor in perfect peace with all this going on all around us and over our heads, because we are a part of what’s going on as much as the lights and dancing, just as we feel what is happening, so we are felt by those above us and around us… just as we feel, so we are felt…”

(Bob Chamberlain, “The View from the Dance Floor”, Aspen no.3, item 5, Roaring Fork Press, NY, 1966)

In this two-day workshop we will attempt to collectively construct a dance floor and we will try to examine discussions that are related to the subject of art and entertainment in public space.


Saturday: 11:00 – 14:00, 15:00 – 18:00

Sunday: 11:00 – 14:00, 15:00 – 18:00

Saturday, 21/05/2016 – Sunday, 05/06/2016

Workshop: The hill

Nikos ArvanitisΑlexis Dallas

Admission fee: to be determined soon


Saturday, 21/05/2016

Sunday, 22/05/2016

Saturday,, 28/05/2016

Sunday, 29/06/2016

Saturday, 04/06/2016

Sunday, 05/06/2016

workshop hours will be published soon


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