Topographies of Memory: Representations, Narratives, Interpretations


Monday 19:00-22:00

with Penelope Petsini (cv)


Recent years have seen the rise of a widespread interest in the ‘traumatic past’ which reintroduced in the discussion the relationship of history and memory and layed emphasis on the social context as well as on the notion of spatial memory. Memory is associated with sites while history with events, writes Pierre Nora, who described mnemonic places (lieux de memoire) as places created by an interplay of memory and history, an interaction of both factors leading to their mutual determination. The first part of the seminar we will present and discuss works of contemporary Greek and international photography that deal with the question of historical memory and also its ambiguous coexistence with oblivion. Either documenting places where dramatic events of recent history occurred or focusing on people and personal narratives, these works employ the concept of memory, not only as a means of connecting us to the past but also as a representation wich forms both the present and our self. The second part involves the production of work by the participants, the analysis of which will be made in collaboration with the anthropologists Elpida Rikou and Eleana Gialouri.


Historical memory, art and documentary (2/11/2015)

Collective and personal memory (9/11/2015)

Memory Lab I: The case of Berlin  (16/11/2015)

Memory Lab II: The case of Athens (23/11/2015)

Project production (discussion, analysis, development) (11/1/2016, 18/1/2016, 25/1/2016, 1/2/2016)

Presentation (15/2/2016 )


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