TWIXTlab’s studio.

This year, a series of workshops will take place in the framework of ARTec with the objective of an introduction to various artistic tools and materials.

ΑRTec workshops 2015-2016:

11, 12 & 13/12/15

December Workshop: PAINTING

Coordination: Ε. Rikou, S. Grigoriadou. In collaboration with P. Sklavenitis (cvs here and here)


December’s Workshop: PAINTING

Coordination: E.Rikou, S.Grigoriadou. Participant: P.Sklavenitis

How is it possible for someone to acquire personal experience from an art with such a long history and so many different to our days, such as painting, in a few hours? This is the challenge we are facing, as participants and as coordinators of this particular workshop, where we take the risk of “violating” certain rules of teaching painting in preparatory schools and universities. We propose an intensive program (20 hours), where practice is combined with references to art history and theory.

  • Friday 11/12


17:00-20:00 – Improvisations with materials, performances, relationships.

  • Saturday 12/12

11:00 -14:30 – Drawing (with/without model).

15:30-19:00 – Painting (composition/colour).

19:30-21:30– Screening, discussion (intervention by P.Sklavenitis)

  • Sunday 13/12

11:00-14:30 – From canvas to space (projects’outlines, slide-show, discussion)

15:30- 19:00 – Presentation of the works. Workshop evaluation.

Information concerning registrations and prices, by phone or e-mail to ΤWIXTLab. The workshop is open to anyone interested, while it is especially recommended to participants in ENTERart 1. and 2. and the other ARTnet workshops. Participation requirement: attendance of all workshop’s activities. Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothes and feel free to make them dirty.



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