για Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ

In this page you will find material related to TWIXTlab´s activities and documentation on participants´ projects.

Daysign – Panos Sklavenitis (artist)

in the framework of ENTERart, 22, 23 & 29/11/14



Projects in progress by TWIXTlab participants (February-June 2014)

  • My first yeara work in progress by Thanos Kappas,  secondary education teacher (blog: vita moderna).

This project constitutes a commentary on the buffet / sideboard table, a traditional piece of furniture found in most Greek urban (and especially petit bourgeois) homes, on the framed photographs and their setting on said furniture. The project could develop into a series of photographic images (from the interior of different houses) or a permanent installation at a possible exhibition.



“This is the small buffet, which belongs to the grandmother [of the baby whose first year is celebrated in the picture on the left]. A more traditional doily would be best.”


“A bigger icon of Virgin Mary is added and the group of frames is slightly altered. Here the son figures prominently while the daughter-in-law’s presence is limited down to one photo, that of the wedding ceremony. I believe this is the correct composition. :-)”

  • Drying loft (sketches, tempera, poems, notes, collage, photos), project in progress by Eleni Karra (full name: Amaryllis-Eleni Karra), journalist, translator, critic. More on her work you will find here:
    Pictures and texts:


  • Archeologia personale/layers of memory (photographs, video), work in progress by Dimitris Gerakitis (web:


ArcheologiaPersonale-s1 ArcheologiaPersonale-s3


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